We have been Acquired!

Thank you to everyone who have supported us over the past year. It has been an amazing journey that has given us numerous opportunities and experiences we never thought possible.

Our entire team will be joining RecruitLoop on November 1st, 2015 to scale the company's marketing, customer success, and growth efforts. If you're hiring or in need of talent go learn more about the platform!

Our team will also continue to share our knowledge and insight with our new SaaS Marketing Community, SaaScend. If you want to keep up with the industry go subscribe to our new blog!

Red Bridge is an Integrated Marketing Startup that scales B2B SaaS Companies

Results Driven Marketing

Demand Generation

Demand Generation

We develop market-proven programs focused on content and conversion marketing

Sales and Marketing System Development

System Development

We build the system framework you need to tell your marketing story

Sales Eanblement

Sales Enablement

We empower Sales Teams with the collateral they need to win deals

Case Study: Sales Hacker

Check out how we took the popular SaaS Sales blog Sales Hacker from 2k to 20k uniques in six months

We Keep Good Company

Our Technology Stack

The systems you put in place from an early stage can have a large multiplier effect on your revenue. The Red Bridge team firmly believes that a properly developed Sales and Marketing system archtecture can spring board good startups into great startups.

The Red Bridge Team

Craig Jordan

Co-Founder - Loves Burritos

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Andrea Lodigiani

Co-Founder - Resident Badass

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Alex Burkholder

Digital Marketer - Geeks Out

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Chief Happiness Officer - Nap Master

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Vonn Weisenberger

Lead Designer - Prefers Sandwiches

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Elyse Anderson

Intern - Organized Chaos

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